​I specialize in children, adults, and families affected by Misophonia, Sensory Processing Disorder, learning disabilities and developmental disorders. I founded the Sensory Processing and Emotion Regulation Program at Duke University and am Director of the International Misophonia Research Network. As a mother of adult triplets, I am well versed in school advocacy and parenting, and have a  highly empathic and nonjudgmental approach. I believe in only evidenced-based treatment, and in providing emotional support in order to affect change or to help those in need of coping skills development. As far back as 1999, I was disappointed with the state of my own field. My personal experiences with SPD, Misophonia, and learning/developmental disabilities led me to establish programs at Universities and Institutions in order to advocate for research and treatment for these disorders.  I work with only theoretically grounded therapies but incorporate highly individualized treatment and coping skills for clients and their families. I truly enjoy my work and and know what it is like to struggle with (or have loved ones with) various learning and neurodevelopmental problems.

I am currently seeing people via telehealth and will be offering some in person appointments once our staff is vaccinated.

My coping skills program for misophonia is called Regulate, Reason, Reassure

Regulate, Reason, Reassure is a coping skills program and manual for parents, clinicians, and adults to help manage misophonia. RRR was developed by Dr. Jennifer Brout through her own experiences as a clinician, a sufferer of misophonia, and the mother of an adult child who showed signs of misophonia at a young age. Through online classes and the book manual, RRR provides the tools to help mediate misophonia and provides easy to follow guidelines and work sheets to ensure parents, clinicians, and adults with misophonia have the skills to continue practicing RRR.

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